Our Name
Barry Johnson, the Managing Partner of Shooting Star Solutions, is Shawnee Indian by descent.  Many years ago, his father had a vision of a rising star in his son’s future.  Years later, when searching for this company’s name, Barry discovered a book describing the life of “Tecumseh,” a powerful Shawnee leader.  The English translation for Tecumseh is Shooting Star.  Shooting Star Solutions subsequently represents the vision of a proud father, and the qualities of a respected Shawnee leader.

Our Mission
“To help our customers achieve their goals by demonstrating character through respect, integrity, reliability, honesty, and hard work.”

Our Philosophy
The American Indians believed in maintaining balance in their actions, in the world around them, and in their everyday life.  In much the same way, we bring balance to our projects.

We provide management consulting and information technology services to clients through a balanced project philosophy of diverse experience, project management skills, hard work, integrity, and quality.

Our motto is “may we grow strong by doing what is right.”

Our Conviction
“Our Clients Goals Are Our Goals”