Independent Verification & Validation

IV&V is defined by IEEE as “verification and validation processes performed by an organization with a specified degree of technical, managerial, and financial independence from the development organization.”

Our IV&V services independently and objectively analyze Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases for consistency, accuracy, completeness, traceability, and measurability. IV&V assesses the processes identified, the quality with product being built, and determines how well it supports the clients operational needs.

IV&V also brings the future back to the present by objectively identifying weaknesses or omissions in the current phase of a project. Our IV&V services answer the question, “Is the vendor doing the right thing and will the product support the business needs of the department?” Typical IV&V services result in:

  • End-of-Phase Assessment Reports
  • Software Lifecycle Verifications (i.e., requirements verification)